When To Schedule Call For Heating Repair

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When To Schedule Call For Heating Repair

Every heating system needs regular maintenance. However, if it shuts down completely, it will often indicate signs requiring us to contact a professional. In this blog, we will learn those signs and save our heating system from breaking down completely.

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The signs that tell you to schedule a repair service.

  • Less efficient system
    An HVAC system can work for up to twenty years with adequate maintenance. However, if suddenly you experience low temperatures in the middle of the winter or the system doesn’t respond, there is more than likely something is wrong with your HVAC unit. Call Suter Air for the best furnace repair technicians in The Villages.
  • Loud noise
    A heating system doesn’t make any loud noises during its operation. If it makes sounds, it signifies that repair work is due.
  • Yellow flame light
    A furnace is in good working condition when its flame light is blue. A yellow light indicates that the furnace is not operating well. At this point, turn off the system and contact a professional. Suter Air offers premium furnace repair service in The Villages and surrounding areas.
  • A strange odor
    If you are using an oil or gas furnace, you may get an initial odd smell at the beginning of the furnace. However, this smell should not keep lingering throughout the operation. It indicates that your furnace is due for repair.
  • Uneven heat distribution
    The thermostat is responsible for distributing heat across your house. If every corner doesn’t get enough heat, such conditions mean the thermostat is not operating well. It requires an HVAC technician’s expertise.


You must attend to every furnace problem as early as possible to prevent any costly damage to the system. Contact one of the most professional HVAC repair services in The Villages, i.e., Suter Air. Call us today at (352) 787-9550 to learn how we can help you.