Some Things You Should Check On Your AC

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Some Things You Should Check On Your AC

Throughout the country, average temperatures are rising as summer approaches. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are now experiencing heavier use, resulting in a higher failure rate. Air conditioning units are taken for granted by renters as being reliable. 

Consequently, renters are often distressed when their AC units malfunction. It is important to stay on top of AC maintenance throughout summer to keep your renters happy and ensure they don’t lose their cool. Air conditioning repair in The Villages, Florida, includes inspecting and repairing the air conditioning unit; summer is an ideal time to do this.

Checklist for HVAC Maintenance.


  • Replacing the Air Filter and Inspecting The Indoor Coil

Cleaning dirt and debris is essential for HVAC tune-ups. Dust and dirt accumulated on the coil will reduce the efficiency of your system if they get through the filter. Changing filters too infrequently can result in this problem.


  • Checking the Refrigerant Level

Checking the refrigerant level, the liquid that evaporates and condenses throughout the cooling cycle, is an important step in air conditioning preparation. Your AC refrigerant level will decrease if you leak anywhere in the system even though it never runs out. Before the refrigerant is filled off, you must rectify the leak.


  • Examine the Overflow Safety Switch

Your indoor unit’s overflow safety switch shuts off your system if it detects a clogged condensation line or water that isn’t draining properly. When a safety switch fails, you risk a leak, which, if not detected quickly, could cause damage to your home.


  • Testing of Capacitors

The capacitor is a tiny component essential to the system’s overall function. Approximately three capacitors are present in your system, and the entire system will be affected if one fails. Keep your system’s capacitors up-to-date.


  • Tightening Electrical Connections

No wires should be left hanging, and all connections must be secure. You should seal the top and sides of the disconnect box with clear silicone.


  • Inspect the Refrigerant Charge and Any Potential Leaks

You won’t be able to use your system until it’s repaired if you lose too much refrigerant. When refrigerant lines show signs of physical deterioration, they are repaired by a professional.


  • Checking the Thermostat

You cannot control your AC system without a working thermostat. Ensure that the thermostats are calibrated. Contact a professional AC service in The Villages.


  • Bugs and Rodents

It is common for bugs and rodents to make their homes in the electrical compartments of air conditioners. Ensure there are no broken wires or insects like spiders near electrical connections.


Benefits of HVAC tune-up:


  • Lowering Your Energy Bills

You will need to spend more energy to heat or cool your house if your HVAC system is not operating at maximum efficiency. Your HVAC system will consume less energy if you maintain it regularly.


  • Reduced Expenses for Repairs 

Replace a broken evaporator or frame belt before it causes severe difficulties and costly repairs. There will be occasional issues with any HVAC system, but regular maintenance means fewer repairs.


  • Increased Life

Maintenance extends the life of your HVAC equipment and minimizes the likelihood that you will need to replace it before the old system has reached its full potential. 



You can save money and avoid the hassle by regularly maintaining your air conditioner. You will save energy and run the system more efficiently. It will be less likely to break down when you need it most during a heatwave. An air conditioner that is well maintained tends to last longer.

An HVAC professional has all the necessary tools and products and deeply understands how air conditioners function. You can search for a professional for HVAC repair in The Villages to learn how to prepare for your units all year long. If you have any questions or concerns, Suter Air Conditioning would be pleased to assist you.