What Do Furnaces Smell Like?

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What Do Furnaces Smell Like?

It’s never a favorable indication when your furnace smells terrible, and it’s undoubtedly not healthy. Even worse, certain smells are dangerous and demand quick action. For example, the furnace unit at your place is one of the most repeatedly used appliances, and when it breaks down, it’s aggravating and discomforting. 

Furnace smells throughout the place are the first things that numerous homeowners notice. While a foul smell is usually not always a danger sign, it is better to call experts for furnace repair in the Villages and get your machine inspected.

What Is Some Different Furnace Smells?

Here are some different furnace smells that require the assistance of HVAC repair the Villages experts. 

  • The Smell Of Burning Soot

When you first turn on the furnace at the outset of -the winter season, it may emit a burning dust odor. This odor is perfectly normal and should dissipate within a few days. However, if the moldy smell persists, try replacing the air filter. In addition, if the problems continue after changing the air filter, the furnace has a severe issue, and you should turn off the device right away until the repair person comes.

  • A Metallic Odor

If the furnace emits a metallic odor, an element inside the furnace may have overheated. The smell may resemble burning hot polycarbonate, oil, or rubber in some instances. If you notice odors that indicate something in the furnace is smoldering or overheating, turn it off immediately and contact an expert for an inspection.

  • It Smells Like Rotten Eggs.

Another reason for concern is the odor of rotten eggs or sulfur, and if your home has a pungent decaying egg odor, it could be a sign of a gas leak. In this situation, you must immediately turn off the gas furnace and call experts as the device might short circuit. 

  • Pet Odors

The smell of animal waste or hair can sometimes come out from the furnace vents. In such cases, you must examine the basement level ventilator to look for excess pet hair or waste deposited that you must clean to get rid of such smells. 

  • The Sewage Stench

If you notice drainage water coming from the vents, you may have an accessible drain pipe or a cracked wastewater line near the framework. An examination of the outer vents can assist in determining the source of the odor. In addition, you may need to hire a plumber to fix the problem.

  • Moldy Odors

A moldy odor emerging from the furnace could imply a mold infection in the ductwork. Therefore, mold abundance- should not be taken lightly. The effectiveness of indoor air gets reduced by a mold infestation.

  • Toxins

One of the most dangerous odors you could encounter in your comfortable home is this. If the odor is chemically different and comparable to formaldehyde, there is most likely a rupture in the heat transfer component of your furnace. 

If you lately noticed any of the smells above, it is better to call our experts at Suter Air Conditioning for your heating services in The Villages, FL. To know more, call us at (352) 748-3344 or email our technicians at [email protected]