When Should I Replace My AC Unit?

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When Should I Replace My AC Unit?

The efficiency of an air conditioner tends to decrease over the years, just like most machines around us. For example- a car needs to go under regular maintenance to function smoothly for a longer run. Similarly, your air conditioner needs routine tune-ups and servicing to maintain its efficiency and functioning. The AC unit really needs a replacement or maintenance.

However, there comes the point when servicing and repairs don’t work anymore.

In such cases, you need to call a professional air conditioning service in The Villages to examine the unit and tell if it needs to be replaced entirely. 

Meanwhile, here are some significant signs that indicate your ac unit needs to be replaced – 

Unpleasant odor  from AC Unit

Usually, an AC unit must blow out clean air with no smells. But if you notice some unpleasant or strange odor, there are high chances that mold or mildew has build-up in the equipment or pipes. Such odors must not be ignored and must be addressed to ensure the health of the AC unit and the home. 

Other unusual smells like burning should be checked immediately, as this may indicate a problem with the electrical wire or overheating.

In worse cases, this may cause electric shock or fire!

So, turn it off immediately and call for an Air conditioning repair in the Villages, Florida.

Weird sounds From AC Unit

Although an AC unit cannot be silent, all you should hear is a slight hum or woosh. But if you are noticing unrecognizable noise lately, it may indicate a malfunctioning or broken internal element.

Strange noises such as knocking, whistling, or groaning indicate a problem with at least one component. Such broken or malfunctioning parts might damage other elements to make matters worse. Furthermore, if the specific component has broken down completely, you might even need a whole replacement.

Insufficient cooling and airflow 

Most air conditioning units take 5-10 minutes to cool the house/room completely. However, if your AC isn’t cooling the house even after this duration, it’s a sign of concern. It indicates that the system is incapable of functioning correctly, or the ductwork might be blocked.

Poor airflow can be another significant sign that you need to call a professional AC service in the villages right away. If poor airflow is a recurring problem, there are high chances that the fan is broken.

Spiked energy bills

A noticeable increase in your energy bills is highly indicative that your AC is losing its efficiency. Especially if your AC unit is older than 8-10 years, it’s pretty common to see dropped efficiency. Sometimes, the operating costs of such units are much higher than getting a new and efficient one. 

An AC needs regular maintenance to work efficiently and increase its lifespan. However, if you are experiencing any of the, you might need to get your unit replaced. If you are looking for an AC replacement or repair, we can fix it right away.

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