Tips For Preventing Home Heating Fires

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Tips For Preventing Home Heating Fires

Home heating systems are a necessity and an inevitable purchase in today’s era, especially in cold states where the temperature falls in minus degrees. 

According to the NFPA, many of home heating fire deaths (81%) involved stationary or transportable space heaters. Nearly half (48%) of the heating fires occurred in January, February, and December. 

No matter how beneficial home heating systems are, particularly on a cold night, it is extremely crucial to handle them with care. Such systems, if not bought from a good company and not maintained properly, can be very dangerous and lead to fires. Hence schedule for regular heating services in The Villages and minimize further repairs.

Some Useful Tips For Preventing Home Heating Fires

  • Examine Your Furnace

Regularly conducting maintenance checkups is necessary for a furnace to work efficiently. It is important to frequently change furnace filters and remove the flammable material from all the areas around the furnace to avoid any fires. 

  • Inspect Your Chimney

If you use a chimney regularly, it is necessary to get the soot and creosote cleaned up annually. It is also a prerequisite to confirm that your chimney does not have any cracks or defects. In case your chimney has air leaks, it may change the course of the flame in the fireplace and cause a fire outside of the fireplace. 

  • Be Careful With Heaters

Space heaters are involved in 74% of fire-related deaths, and hence it is crucial to purchase a heater with an emergency cut-off so that it will consequently shut off if tipped over or accidentally break down. If it falls over and does not turn off, it can cause a fire. If you have a liquid-fueled space heater, it is necessary to only use the fuel recommended by the manufacturer. 

Doing regular checks on water heaters is equally important since as they gradually age, the thermostat and the heating element will start to degrade and cause flash fire. 

  • Be Cautious With The Fireplace

Using a diffusion screen for the fireplace is necessary since it can prevent the burning log from rolling out of the fireplace. It is also salient to only burn woods and not paper or pine and also avoid using flammable liquids as that can cause a fire. 

  • Keep Flammable Objects Away

As basic as it is, it is necessary to keep highly flammable objects such as newspapers, furniture, clothing, mattress, and bedding away from the heating appliances. These objects can catch fire easily and spread it easily. 

Along with the above-mentioned tips, giving your boiler a wide berth, being careful in the kitchen, and being cautious with cigarettes are some preventative measures to avoid a fire. 

One of the main components of avoiding fire from home heating equipment is doing regular checks and repairing the parts whenever necessary. Opting for a Heat pump repair in The villages, FL from trusted sources is equally important. 

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