Is Your Furnace Acting Up? Signs You Need Pro Help!

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Is Your Furnace Acting Up? Signs You Need Pro Help!

“Is it chilly in here, or it’s only me who is shivering?”— If that is the question you keep asking yourself repeatedly, you need to recheck your furnace. No one wants to have a broken or inefficient furnace in the dead of winter. We’re sorry if it’s happening to you. But, the good news is that most of those furnace issues can be settled quickly through low-cost furnace repair in The Villages.

4 Common Furnace Problems Which Need Professional Help 

Furnace Problem 1: The Thermostat is set to “Cool” 

All your furnace problems do not need to reach the professional help desk. For example, when your thermostat setting is manipulating the device to cool your home instead of heating it. It is possible that someone may have accidentally switched it off or you may have completely forgotten to adjust the temperature. Check your thermostat setting and put it into heat mode, along with checking if the thermostat batteries are working properly. But, if the system still doesn’t work as it should call a professional for heating services the villages fl.

Furnace Problem 2: The Furnace is Not Receiving Power 

If your thermostat is operating perfectly but your furnace is not, the next thing to check is if your furnace is plugged in properly. It may sound absurd, but it’s worth a look before exploring other possibilities. If your furnace is plugged in but still not working, you need to check if the circuit breaker is tripped. If there is any problem with your breaker, or if it’s repeatedly tripping, you need to call a professional furnace repair in The Villages.

Furnace Problem 3: Your Furnace is Making Noise 

If your furnace is producing undesirable and unbearable noise while operating, the first thing that you need to do is to turn off the system immediately. Furnace noise can be derived from many underlying problems that need an immediate fix. Call a professional furnace repair in The Villages for help.

Furnace Problem 4: Pilot Light or Ignition Issues 

To fix an old model of the furnace with the pilot light, which is not staying lit, you need a professional to help you. The HVAC contractor will investigate several possible causes and fix the problems.

If you recently have done a heating replacement in The Villages, FL, and switched to an electric furnace that contains an igniter, you need to check the condition of your flame sensor. The safety feature of new furnace models shut down the entire system when it detects gas. You can try to fix the problem by flipping the circuit breaker, closing the gas supply, driving the sensor with the sandpaper, and wiping away the remaining dust. But, if you are not able to perform these steps, call for professional help.

Suter Air Conditioning ensures that your furnace keeps your home comfortable all season long and for many years to come. With years of experience in the field of furnace repair in The Villages, we take good care of our clients and their homes. We also deliver services for heat pump repair in the Villages, FL. You don’t have to take our word for it; check our reviews before scheduling an appointment.