Signs Your Furnace needs Maintenance

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Signs Your Furnace needs Maintenance

When the winter sets in, people start preparing to hide from the cold. In this rush, you often forget to maintain the most necessary thing that protects you and your family from the harsh winters, a furnace. 

Furnace maintenance is vital to look after the health of the furnace. People only call HVAC maintenance service when something goes wrong, but regular HVAC repair the Villages is essential to ensure you and your family comfort and warmth. If you are looking for furnace repair in the villages, you can contact us at Suter Air Conditioning.

When does a furnace need maintenance?

You ought to notice changes when you turn on your furnace if your furnace needs repairs or replacement.

  • Weird noises from the furnace 

It is a fact that no furnace is quiet, but when you notice weird noises coming from the furnace motor, like loud bangs or hissing that often means there is something wrong with your furnace.

  • The light of the pilot is yellow

A yellow light means there is a problem with the proper combination of gases. There is a carbon monoxide leak, which can adversely affect your health. 

  • Your energy bills have reached sky-high

If there is a tremendous increase in your energy bill, that means your furnace requires maintenance.

What does a furnace tune-up include?

Furnace maintenance includes three steps, inspection, cleaning, and repair. There is a list of tasks involved in furnace tune-up: 

  • Inspecting the air intake pipes and grilles for any blockage, cleaning it.
  • Checking heat exchanger and motor for any damages and repair.
  • Inspecting belts for any cracks and wiring for proper connections.
  • Checking filters, safety controls, and startup engines for apt and smooth working.
  • Lubricating all the vital parts of the furnace.
  • Inspecting the thermostat for proper calibration and working. 
  • Checking flame sensor and burner.

When should you get your furnace tuned up?

At Suter air conditioning we recommend you to get your furnace tuned up:

  • At least once a year

It is optimal to get your furnace maintained at least once a year for efficient working. If you have a family member who has a breathing disease, it is necessary to get a tune-up at least three or four times a year.

  • Before the winter comes

 It is best to get your furnace maintained before winter or fall arrives. You should be prepared for the harsh winters in advance by tuning your furnace before the season begins. 

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