Sick Building? Try Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance

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Sick Building? Try Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance

The excess pollution in the present times has drastically reduced the quality of air in the atmosphere. Do you lately feel that there is more dirt and dust in your building than usual, and this only lingers in your building area and disappears outside the building? 

If this is the case, you must note that this kind of problem is generally classified as “sick building syndrome” and can be a hectic task to handle as most of the time, this kind of problem is related to your air conditioner. This problem of sick building syndrome is further related to poor HVAC maintenance, resulting in the spreading of more dirt and dust that emanates from your air conditioning unit. To rectify this problem, you must immediately call for an HVAC repair in the villages. 

Causes Of A sick building

The concept of sick building syndrome can be described as scenarios where the people residing in a building may complain about different kinds of health issues. This scenario may look somewhat suspicious; however, the reason for these problems comes down to a single defect which is inadequate or low air quality. The defect in air quality is mainly due to the poor maintenance of HVAC systems. This is why it is always advisable that you regularly call for regular maintenance and AC tune-up in The Villages.

Let’s Have A Look At What Causes A Building To Be Sick – 

Excess Humidity

Humidity is the cause of massive distress for all air conditioning systems. Excess humidity in the building environment may have detrimental effects that can lead to many air quality problems. In addition, it can further promote the growth of bacteria in the environment, which can cause numerous health-related problems.

Microorganisms and Bacteria

The spread of bacteria mainly happens due to inadequate ventilation of the air conditioning unit. In a humid environment, these bacterias can accumulate in the air conditioner’s duct leading to a sick building. 

Harmful gases in the atmosphere 

The chemicals and harmful gases present in the air and those released by the surrounding objects may also harm health. Some of these chemicals include the cleaning products used, the ozone present in the atmosphere, and the CFC radiations released by the air conditioner and other electrical appliances. These chemicals increase in density with increasing humidity and result in a sick building.


In large metropolitan areas where traffic is prevalent almost all the time, the ozone concentration is very high in these kinds of areas. If your HVAC system is not correctly connected or installed, it may attract outside pollution and dust.

Poor Ventilation

Another most significant cause of sick building syndrome in the present times is poor ventilation. Suppose your building has a flawed ventilation system in that case. In that case, the contaminants from the outside will easily penetrate your HVAC system and further enter the environment, which can lead to detrimental health effects if those contaminants enter your body.

Benefits Of Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

You must have always heard the term, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This means that by eating an apple, you will remain healthy and save yourself a trip to the doctor. The same analogy can be applied to your air conditioner. If there is regular preventive maintenance, the air conditioner will continue to function efficiently and save you a lot of Money on your monthly utility bill. 

Below Are Some Of The Benefits Of air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance – 

Save Money On Utility Bills. 

Regular and preventive maintenance drastically reduces the risk of costly repairs due to sudden breakdowns when the AC is not kept correctly. Also, Preventive maintenance ensures that your system always remains at its peak and gives maximum efficiency to assist you in saving electricity and lowering the utility bills.

Give The System A Prolonged Life. 

Regular maintenance helps by extending the system’s life and reduces the chances of a significant breakdown, costing you some major bucks.

Improve The Air Quality And Surroundings 

The air conditioners release CFC, which may be harmful to health and even more detrimental if members present in the house with respiratory issues. In addition, if proper maintenance is not done, the various allergens that come from the inside and the outside will accumulate in the air duct and harm the atmosphere and health. In addition to this, regular maintenance of the air conditioning unit may further help the system produce clean and fresh air and distribute the air more evenly to every corner of the house. 

Cleaning the air ducts regularly also helps in opening the clogged pores, helps the system produce cold air as per your requirements, and makes the system’s functions efficient.

Keeps Your Home Safe 

Preventive maintenance can help you protect yourself and your family against a gaseous substance known as carbon monoxide. A dangerous colorless gas can build up in your home if the air conditioning unit is not maintained correctly. 

Environmental Friendly

Practicing routine preventive maintenance of your air conditioning system helps the unit consume less energy. This consumption of lesser energy makes an air conditioning unit more environmentally friendly. Further, it provides you with the comfort of relishing that you are breathing in a healthy and safe environment.

After looking at all the points mentioned above, it can easily be inferred that you must never overlook the preventive maintenance of your air conditioning unit, as neglecting the maintenance can cause heavy damage to your unit and your health. Furthermore, your air conditioning unit can also experience quicker wear and tear than usual without proper maintenance and can lead to a permanent breakdown. 

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