Should I Repair or Replace My Air Filter ?

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Should I Repair or Replace My Air Filter ?

A filter is an important component in an air conditioner. An unclean filter can badly affect the AC Compressor leading to costly and difficult repairs and you are not alone if you frequently forget to change your air filter. We know life can be busy, and many homeowners forget to do the simple maintenance. Ideally, one should change an AC’s air filters every three months. 

During the summertime, your air conditioning system keeps you cool, fresh, and comfortable indoors. Air filters are to thank for this. Air filters are essential for keeping your living area air clean and tidy.

You can get more advice on how you can clean or change your air filter from experts from a company providing services related to air conditioning service in the Villages.

What Is The Function Of Air Filter? 

A standard HVAC air filter is responsible for protecting the air conditioner from harmful substances. When the air from your room comes into the air filter, it has dirt in it. The air filter of your AC catches this dirt and grime, which slowly starts building up and spreading to other parts of the air conditioner. 

If needed, you can get higher efficiency HEPA filters installed for your air conditioner. HEPA filters are designed to remove bacteria, mold, or allergens and even viruses. 

Contact the nearest company providing services for HVAC repair the Villages, so that they can help you find a higher efficiency HVAC HEPA filter. 


The first effect of not cleaning your air conditioner is that it builds up dirt and debris inside your air conditioner. This dust ends up jamming parts of your air conditioner like the valves and the fan motors. This blocks airflow, and your system starts straining. 

Once it starts straining, it takes more energy to get the room to the temperature you want. And, increased levels of energy mean higher electricity bills. 

No one wants high electricity bills, and that is why you should get in touch with an expert. They will be able to guide you on how to go about changing your air filter. 


Along with the buildup, you also get health side effects. Your AC filters the air that it is getting 5-7 times a day. That is a great deal of air flow, and this air flow carries alot of air in and out of your home so ensure that your filters are clean.

Wear and Tear 

When the dust starts layering up on the air conditioner, the surrounding parts are affected too. As a result, they run slower and take more power to run. Unfortunately, this more power also ends up wearing out the mechanisms of the air conditioner. 

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