Just How Necessary Is A Heater Replacement?

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Just How Necessary Is A Heater Replacement?

Like every other electrical appliance, your water heater is destined to wear down. And if you remain ignorant to this casualty, you might end up suffering in icy cold water in the middle of the winter season. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? But wait until we tell you that one day these profusely ignored water pumps might flood up your bathrooms.

So, if you wish to avoid these drastically perilous and risky situations, we suggest you examine the following points. These points will roughly provide you with an idea regarding the warning signs your heater gives when it is on its deathbed.

Sign 1: The Age of Your Heater

It is a universal fact that appliances deteriorate with age. Thus, the more the age of your water heater, the more prone it is to damage. As a general HVAC rule, a water heater is known to last for about 8 to 12 years.

Although timely repairs could amp up the lifespan for a couple of years, your heater cannot function for a lifetime. All in all, dragging your heater for more than a decade will only be followed by a series of disadvantages. An old and knackered heater will only lose efficiency and increase your water bills.

Thus, when your heater reaches its end, you need to replace it with grace instead of slithering it for few more years.

Sign 2: Leaks

A leak is an excessively striking reason for replacing your water heater. Though some leaks can be mended by calling in the HVAC repair in The Villages a majority of leaks indicate internal faults. A leak evincing tank problems cannot simply be repaired and thus, should be replaced. For this, you must call a reliable plumber to check the issue thoroughly before you haste any decision.

Sign 3: Water Heater Worsening Or Completely Reversing In Its Function

Did it ever strike you that your water heater has implicitly worsened? Well, if it did, we recommend you not to shrug it off as mere epiphanies. Instead, you should delve into the matter and check if your water heater has lost its working capabilities.

It could be subtle signs like quick cooling down of water, water not being warm enough, etc. And as you ignore them one day, they will manifest as a major breakdown wherein your water heater will deliberately deliver cold water. This problem could be due to a dysfunctional thermostat, and hence you should consider a replacement.

Sign 4: Sedimentation in the Water Tank

Water heater tanks tend to undergo sedimentation. These sediments, when accumulated for a long time, can wreak havoc on the internal structure of your heater. They can clog water and drain valves and emit dirty water at times.

Therefore, we suggest you flush out tanks every year to ensure smooth working. However, if it’s too late for a cleanup, you should replace your heater.

If you ever encounter the above signs, contact Suter Air Conditioning, Inc. at 352-748-3344. We are most renowned for heating replacement in The Villages, FL. We also deliver air conditioning service in The Villages.