HVAC Tips A Pet Owner Should Know

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HVAC Tips A Pet Owner Should Know

One of the best ways to stay stress-free, especially after a long day at work, is to have a pet. Their affection and comfort can do wonders for a person’s morale, but not so much for their HVAC system. Whatever someone says or how short your pet’s fur is, they will permanently shed fur around the house. This can be disastrous for your HVAC unit’s air filters. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to schedule an AC tune-up in The Villages to avoid any significant issues. This guarantees that your system is cleansed and functioning correctly regularly. On the other hand, avoiding as much HVAC damage as possible from your pets is a wise idea.

HVAC Tips For Pet Owners

Before having to call for an HVAC repair in The Villages, here are a few HVAC tips that every pet owner should know to keep their system in good condition – 

  • Change The Air filters Regularly

Changing or cleaning your air filter every 4 to 8 weeks is always a good idea. However, this concept is much more significant if you have a pet. The air filter’s primary function is to eliminate any impurities present in the heated air that the system draws in before releasing it once it has cooled down. If you don’t, the filters will become clogged with dirt, primarily made up of your pet’s fur.

  • Groom Your Pet Regularly

No matter the big or small size of your pet, regular grooming reduces the amount of fur it sheds. After grooming and brushing, make sure to vacuum up the fur that has been brushed out. This prevents any of it from clogging up your system, which could put a strain on it. A strain on your system could cause its efficiency level to decrease. This could either create a spike in your utility bill or the internal parts to wear out.

  • Clean Your Home Regularly

By cleaning your home and carpets regularly, you remove any extra fur or dander that did not come off during the grooming. This way, your system’s air ducts are clean without having any build-up. If you notice your system not working or an imbalance in the temperature when the system is on, call for an air conditioning repair in The Villages, Florida. This way, your system can be adequately cleaned out and preventive measures put in place.

  • Protect The Outdoor Unit

People tend to forget about their outdoor unit unless there is a problem with it. This raises the chance of your pet getting access to it, allowing them to scratch at it. If the wrong part is hit, it could cause some long-time damage to the system. The best thing to do is cover the system to block their access. However, ensure that the system’s airway isn’t blocked as it could restrict the airflow into your home.

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