How Your Air Conditioner Negatively Affects Your Sleep

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How Your Air Conditioner Negatively Affects Your Sleep

Even though the nights are cool, many people tend to leave their air conditioner on all night. While this may appear to be a fantastic approach to stay calm, there are some drawbacks. The main goal of an air conditioner may be to keep us cool; this is true as long as the air conditioner is in good functioning order. If you live in the area and still haven’t scheduled an AC tune-up in The Villages, there is a high possibility of the system wearing out or suddenly breaking down. This can be very frustrating, especially at night when you are trying to sleep. 

How Your AC Unit Affects Your Sleep

Without a proper air conditioning service in The Villages, not only is your system affected, but you are as well. Here are a few ways on how that is possible – 

  • The System is Making Loud Sounds

One of the worst things that can happen when you are asleep is to have it disrupted. This could be someone snoring next to you or your AC unit making loud noises. Once woken up, it can be challenging to go back to sleep or stay asleep unless the issue is solved. The most common reason for loud noises are internal parts coming loose and banging against each other, or the AC system has low efficiency.

  • High Humidity Level

One of the primary duties of your system is to monitor and maintain the humidity level of the room it’s in. regardless of whether the system has been switched on, there is still a chance of you waking up and feeling sticky. This means that the system cannot properly absorb the extra moisture present in the air. A high humidity level increases the heat in the room, requiring the system to be on for a more extended period. In this case, for an AC repair in The Villages to have the issue resolved quickly.

  • Incorrect Temperature

The optimal temperature that a person should keep their AC at while sleeping is between 60 to 67 degrees. This is because the core temperature of a person’s body drops while sleeping. By setting the thermostat between these temperatures, you are encouraging your body to fall asleep. Anywhere above or below the optimal temperature may not prevent you from falling asleep, but the quality and length of sleep time will be affected.  

  • Quality of Air

Another primary duty of your AC unit is to help improve the indoor air quality of your home. a person can be able to withstand the air quality during the day, especially if they are not home most of the time. However, while asleep, this is when the maximum intake of air occurs. If the system cannot filter the air properly, there is a high chance of breathing in some contaminants. This, in turn, could cause respiratory health issues, resulting in restless sleep.

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