Common HVAC Problems with Quick Solutions

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Common HVAC Problems with Quick Solutions

An HVAC appliance is a luxurious necessity. Our homes cannot achieve the required comfortable temperature without the appliance. So, the owner is bound to fix their appliance’s minor and major problems. 

Not all problems need professional attention. An HVAC appliance faces many common problems that do not require professional help. There are various problems that you can fix on your own without contacting a professional for HVAC repair in The Villages.

Here Are 15 Tips On Finding And Fixing Common Air Conditioning Problems

  1. Low refrigerant levels: The liquid refrigerant in an HVAC appliance transfers heat from indoors to outside the house. The refrigerant lines may leak due to improper care, leading to no cooling in your home. You can fix these holes with simple tools or by replacing the refrigerant.
  2. Frozen evaporator coils: Evaporator coils carry liquid refrigerant in them. Proper and smooth airflow ensures the appropriate working of evaporator coils. However, they freeze when airflow faces constraints within the system, creating problems for the refrigerant to circulate adequate air. Regular appliance inspection helps you avoid freezing problems. You can unfreeze the coils by switching off the system and using a hairdryer to melt the ice.
  3. Dirty condenser coils: Condenser coils play an important role in your home cooling as they transfer the heat from indoor air to outside your home. Indoor air carries dirt and dust, which settle on the surface of condenser coils. Dust obstructs the working of coils, and your home takes longer to cool. Clean them regularly to avoid dust settling on them, say every three weeks.
  4. Fan malfunctioning: One fan in your system blows air on the cold evaporator coils to make it cold, and the other transfers the heat outside. Motor problems, insufficient lubrication, and wear and tear to the belts force the fans to malfunction. You can lubricate the fans and replace the belts to ensure the fans work efficiently.
  5. Thermostat issues: The thermostat in your home decides what temperature is comfortable enough for the family members. However, if it malfunctions due to technical issues or dead batteries, your system will not operate even if other parts are functioning. The best solution is to get a smart thermostat to understand your temperature preferences and regularly remind you of your maintenance schedules.
  6. Clogged drains: The moisture that your system removes from the indoor air collects in the drain pan and goes out through the drain lines. If water stays in the drain lines for too long, it can enhance bacterial growth in the lines, leading to blockages. You can clear out the drain lines by pouring diluted vinegar into them and flushing it out with clean water.
  7. Clogged air filters: Air filters are an extremely important part of your system as their malfunctioning can affect your family’s health. Air filters trap bacteria, viruses, and allergens from the indoor air to maintain quality. If you do not clean or replace them regularly, they will not purify the indoor air, causing breathing problems in your home. Replace them regularly to avoid this problem.
  8. Unexpectedly high energy bills: As you know, your HVAC appliance uses electricity to function. If you notice that your energy bills are rising each month, it may indicate that your system needs a servicing job as it consumes more electricity than it should. Contact a reputed company for AC service in The Villages to control your energy bills.
  9. Motor breakdown: Breakers and fuses ensure that the motor in your system does not receive too much electricity as it can harm it. If your motor suddenly breaks down, you should check the fuse first for tripping. If the fuse tripped to control the electricity supply, replace it with a new one, and your motor should be ready to work.
  10. Burnt capacitors: The capacitor in your system starts the rotations of the blower. If it malfunctions, the blower and your system will not cool your home. If the capacitors burnt, you should replace them with new ones to end this issue at the earliest.
  11. Compressor malfunctioning: As the name suggests, a compressor compresses the liquid refrigerant in evaporator coils so that it starts cooling your home and absorbing indoor heat. A compressor overheats when there is not enough refrigerant in your system. It is best to let a professional check compressor-related problems as they require professionalism and experience.
  12. Old contractor: Components like blower motor, condenser fan motor, and compressor have a contractor that connects them to the electrical supply. Over time, these contractors face excessive wear and tear, which leads to electrical problems with these components. Wear and tear do not allow the contactors to pass electricity through them, and the system will not work efficiently. Your professional technician can help you understand whether you should replace them or think of buying a new system.
  13. Hot and cold pockets: An HVAC appliance should evenly cool all rooms and areas in a home. If even one room in your home has a significantly different temperature than the rest, your system loses its efficiency, and it needs professional attention.
  14. Unwanted noises: An HVAC appliance has quite some free space in its system, and unwanted foreign objects can enter this space and create havoc inside the system. Small objects like toys and plastic can enter vents and ducts and create unwanted noises. You should inspect your ducts when you hear such noises to know what object is causing them, and you should clean them at the same time to avoid dust collection in them.
  15. Tripped circuit breaker: A circuit breaker ensures that the electricity supply to the system is accurate. Excessive electricity supply can damage the sensitive components in your appliance. If your system is not working, you should check the circuit breaker for trips. You can easily replace a tripped circuit breaker with a new one without professional assistance.

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