8 Points To Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter

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8 Points To Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter

When winter approaches, the comfort of a furnace is what we need the most. There are plenty of professional HVAC contractors available in Florida. To save yourself from the hassle of finding a reputable company, trust Suter Air for all of your HVAC needs. We offer heating system replacement in the Villages, FL.

Before you contact us, we suggest that it is better to start learning a few basic things about your furnace. Every homeowner should be ready to prepare their furnace for the cold season. Any negligence may lead to heating system replacement, and it can be quite expensive. In this post, let us tell you a few good tips that can help get your system ready.

Eight pro tips to make your heating system ready this winter.

  • Inspect the furnace power switch.

You should prep your furnace towards the end of the fall, and the first thing you should try is the power switch. Locate the power switch and turn it back on if it is turned off. If there is any blown a fuse or circuit breaker, contact a reliable contractor. Since it is a matter of electricity and wires, we recommend not approaching the problem if you are not a trained HVAC technician.

If you live in Florida, contact Suter Air, which provides heating services in The Village, FL.

  •  Clean the air filters of the system.

The filters must be ready and clean if you want to stay comfortably in your home. The filters are responsible for keeping the indoor air clean and making the system run without any obstruction. You may choose to clean or replace the filters on your own or seek help from a professional furnace repair service in The Village.

  • Clean the area near and around the furnace.

It would be best if you let your furnace operate freely. You should unblock the passageways and let the air filters work without any hindrance.

The dirt and debris might pile up near the system during summer. You can start by removing the dried leaves, rodent nests, dirt, and debris. The task is easy but requires careful attention.

You can also opt for covering the condenser unit with a shade to protect it from snow. This way, you can also increase its lifespan.

  • Inspect the thermostat settings.

The thermostat is an essential part of your furnace system. It would be best if you always kept it in working condition. Turn on the thermostat and check if it shows any signs of malfunction. You can replace the batteries if needed.

If the thermostat runs, the house will have a warm temperature.
Apart from all these, you may need to recalibrate the thermostat, which is a professional’s work. Call Suter Air and get in touch with our professionals, proficient in HVAC services, including heat pump repair experts in The Villages, FL.

  • Insulate your home properly.

A furnace can work better if your home is insulated. Insulation adds a layer from inside to ensure that the heat doesn’t pass through. That is why you must use insulated doors and windows and seal the cracks in the attic. It allows your furnace to work more efficiently than ever. Insulation-proof doors or windows might be expensive, but it is a one-time investment for comfort.

  • Inspect the ducts of the system.

It is no wonder why ducts play a vital role in distributing the heat across our house and keeping us warm. If this part develops any leak or damage, you will not get efficient warmth in your rooms, and at the same time, your furnace will lose energy significantly. Gradually, it has to draw more power to keep providing heat to you, and more power means more expenses.

You can avoid all these by checking the ducts before winter arrives. If you find any leak or damage, you must call Suter Air for furnace repair service in The Village and let our technicians take care of the problem.

  • Lubricate the moving part in your system.

When preparing your heat pump for the winter, pay attention to the blower motor. This motor posits significant importance in the working of your heating system. This motor pushes warm air into your rooms to make you comfortable.

You can take care of this part by lubricating it. You can also refer to the manual book to understand the lubrication process thoroughly. Follow these below-mentioned steps to lubricate the blower motor:

  • Turn off the power.
  • Open the cover and wash the caps that enclose the bearings.
  • Then proceed to remove the caps and oil the bearings beneath.

If the process seems too complex, you can always ask for professional support by calling Suter Air for furnace and heat pump repair service in The Village, FL.

  • Choose maintenance service

Like any other expert HVAC service provider, we advise you to opt for furnace maintenance service at least twice a year. Maintenance service entails inspecting every part of your furnace thoroughly and attending to any problem if required.

Such a service will indicate whether you can stay comfortably at home. This way, you can make your furnace more efficient and winter-ready.


As a professional service provider, we must tell you that every part in the furnace is connected to another; therefore, you can’t leave any part unattended. If you do, this can lead to severe problems in the future, and you will not be comfortable at home when you need it the most.

If the furnace problem is too extensive, contact Suter Air for heating system replacement in the Villages, FL. We have been a professional service provider in this business for a long time and are known for our exceptional furnace service.

Our team of trained technicians can solve any HVAC problem at a go. Rely on us, and you will not be disappointed. Call us today at 352-787-9550 or drop your queries via email.