6 Reasons To Get Your AC Tuned-Up Annually

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6 Reasons To Get Your AC Tuned-Up Annually

A significant investment for your home is an air conditioner. For the lifespan of this investment and to ensure that your air conditioner is operating at its highest efficiency level, experts advise getting an AC tune-up every 12 months.

Reasons Annual AC tune-Up is Necessary

  • Better Control of Temperature

If your AC runs non-stop but never quite reaches the temperature you set on the thermostat, this can happen when your system’s refrigerant levels are low or your home’s thermostat needs to be calibrated. The experts calibrate your thermostat during an AC tune-up in The Villages

They make sure everything is operating according to the manufacturer’s standards by testing the blower, air delivery, and startup functionality. Additionally, they search for any leaks or potential fire threats. 

  • Better Air Quality

Indoor air quality might suffer in the summer. Allergens of every kind are present because it is pollen season. Your HVAC system will eliminate many of those toxins if it is functioning correctly. Air is drawn in by your air conditioner and circulated out of the vents. 

The dirt, allergies, and other particles become caught when the air and those contaminants come into contact with the filter. If your system isn’t adequately dehumidifying, this becomes a significant issue requiring AC repair.

  • Prevents Frequent Repairs

Not all air conditioner problems are immediately obvious. Your air conditioner could malfunction, but it might not be causing any apparent problems just yet. During a maintenance check, you can discover these issues before they become out of control. 

As most AC problems result in decreased energy efficiency the longer the problem persists, this will help you avoid more significant, more expensive HVAC repairs in the future and keep you from paying too much for energy.

  • Increased Unit Lifespan

The lifespan of your air conditioning machine will be extended if you make an annual maintenance investment. Your home’s air conditioning system is frequently cleaned and inspected for problems with a yearly AC tune-up

When problems are discovered, they are immediately located and fixed. Your air conditioner can function well for many years because it is correctly looked after and maintained.

  • Maintains Warranty

You should never skip your yearly air conditioning tune-up because failing to do so could jeopardize your AC warranty. Many manufacturers require routine maintenance in their warranties.

Having your guarantee voided might make HVAC repairs in The Villages much more difficult. You should ensure regular maintenance even if you don’t believe anything is wrong with your air conditioner.

  • Reduced Energy Costs

Your system will have trouble completing the task if it isn’t functioning correctly. Most of the time, this signifies that the energy used to cool your home is higher than it should be. Your electric bill will consequently be much greater than what you are used to. And even when it’s functioning properly, air conditioning substantially impacts your bill. 

Fortunately, a thorough cleaning can significantly improve things and prevent frequent AC repair. By ensuring that air can move freely, your air conditioner will use less energy to keep you comfortable. Of course, if your appliance is 10 years old or older, it most likely won’t ever function as effectively as it once did.  


An effective air conditioner can run up to 25% better than one that hasn’t been taken care of. Call Suter Air Conditioning Inc. at (352) 787-9550  to schedule AC repair in The Villages. Our top-notch customer service representatives and HVAC specialists are eager to assist you. Contact us today.