5 Ways To Prepare Your AC For Summer

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5 Ways To Prepare Your AC For Summer

With summer coming up in a few weeks, your AC requires a little more help to prepare it for the work it will do over the next few months. Most homeowners ignore this “tune-up” process, however, we recommend you don’t! So, how do you get your AC ready for the upcoming summer? Here are five tips!

5 Things To Do Before Summer

1. Invest In A Cover

Your outdoor unit will be exposed to the elements. As you clip the grass and cut the trees, these clippings will slip through the cracks and enter your compressor. These can be difficult to take out and can cause a complete system breakdown. So, to avoid these, invest in a plastic cover that you can buy from any HVAC contractor or shop. They should protect your AC from any debris.

2. Check Your Insulation

Most homeowners are aware of insulating their doors and windows but forget about the attic. Don’t be one of those! Check the insulation of your roof and attic because this is where most of the heat is coming from. If your home does not have an insulated roof, attic, and floors, check with your contractor to see whether you can get it done on priority. This will help you reduce your electricity bill and keep your home cooler for longer periods.

3. Check Your Filters!

Filters are responsible for blocking any dust and dirt particles. Chances are, with use, your filter is clogged. Invest in a new filter or make it a priority to clean your existing one. This will ensure you get maximum airflow and the air that comes out is not warm. You can easily find a filter cleaning guide online on YouTube! This will save you from calling for an AC repair in The Villages.

4. Get Your Thermostat Calibrated

Smart thermostats are excellent in ensuring your HVAC units are working efficiently. If you don’t have a smart thermostat for your home, you can contact an HVAC contractor to ensure you get one. You should calibrate your existing thermostat before summer starts.

5. Get A Tune-up Service

All of the above-given points can be covered if you hire a tune-up service. However, a contractor will do much more. He will check the oiling, the electrical connections as well as the mechanical parts of your air conditioner to make sure they are working properly. While many people skip this step, we recommend hiring an AC tune-up in The Villages because it will make a difference in your home’s energy efficiency.

Who Do You Call?

If you don’t have an air conditioning service in The Villages, you can contact Suter Air Conditioning! They have been operating in FL since 1969 and are the best local HVAC contractors you can find. With so much experience, they have a long list of services they provide. We recommend this service because they provide upfront pricing and discounts! You can find out more about their services by emailing them at [email protected] or calling on (352)787-9550 or (352)748-3344.