4 Essential Reasons to Replace your Heating System

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4 Essential Reasons to Replace your Heating System

How old is your home furnace? Most of the furnaces can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Even if your furnace is still working, it does not mean that you still have to run your old furnace without giving a thought to replacement. Your furnace loses its efficiency with time. By ignoring a heating replacement in Leesburg, FL, you are not only wasting your money, but you might also affect your home comfort and safety.

Why Must You Upgrade Your Furnace Right Away? 

Regardless of its age, you need to regularly maintain your furnace to ensure that it continues to run at its peak efficiency. During a furnace maintenance service, the HVAC contractors replace the furnace’s worn-out parts before they completely break down. The contractor will also let you know if your furnace is unsafe for your home. Routine maintenance prolongs the life of your furnace, but you will need your furnace repair in The Villages eventually. Here is why:

To Lower Your Heating System Bills 

No matter how carefully you have maintained your furnace, a furnace will begin to lose its efficiency over time. The annual fuel utilization efficiency required is a minimum of 80%. But, the furnace which is operating at 80% is wasting around 25% of fuel. The newer heating system comes with an AFUE rating of more than 95%, and they waste no fuel while burning and heating your home.

Naturally, your home will get the desired temperature without wasting any fuel. Eventually, you will experience a reduction in your utility bills.

To Avoid Frequent HVAC Services

An older furnace requires more than regular maintenance. If you have a maintenance contract, you have made a smart decision. But, not all the parts of a furnace system are covered under that contract. Moreover, when your furnace requires constant repairs, it is not operating up to par. If you always have to depend upon an HVAC contractor to run your furnace, it is better to go for a heating replacement in Leesburg, FL.

To Increase Home Comfort 

No matter how hard your old furnace works, it fails to provide efficient heating to your home. You may need to run your home furnace continuously to match your heating requirements. A new furnace will make your home cozy and comfortable, with less effort and less fuel. Eventually, you will get increased comfort at a lower cost and lower stress levels.

To Ensure Your Safety 

Old home furnaces are not only inefficient, but they are also unsafe for you and your family members. Old furnaces are often prone to carbon monoxide leaks, and the chances of fire hazards are high with an aging furnace. The professionals suggest going for a heating replacement in Leesburg, FL before you face any hazardous situation.

Suter Air Conditioning offers every heating services in Leesburg, FL, including furnace installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. Our highly trained HVAC contractor will inspect your furnace and guide you towards the right choice for furnace replacement. We also help you choose and install the right heat pump for your home, within your budget. Call us if you need heat pump installation and heat pump repair in The Villages, FL.