4 Common Mistakes With Thermostats

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4 Common Mistakes With Thermostats

Thermostats are climate control unit control devices essential to operate your home’s HVAC system properly. Despite how prevalent they are, there are a few mistakes that many homeowners still make.

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What are the common mistakes that people make with their thermostats?

People tend to overlook the instructions in the user manual. The outcome is not always optimal, and people make mistakes. These mistakes can lead to significant furnace repairs in The Villages.

Given below are a few of these common mistakes that people tend to make with their thermostats:

  • Improper thermostat temperature: Many people are unaware that the thermostat air temperature must be adjusted regularly. Leaving a thermostat set to its default temperature can cause discomfort. Placing the thermostat at an elevated or incorrect temperature can result in high energy bills and waste.

Failing to change the temperature on their thermostats. This will affect your energy efficiency. For example, if nobody is home during the day, there is no reason to maintain the same temperature as if the house is occupied. Instead, consider raising or lowering the thermostat closer to the exterior temperature to avoid running your HVAC system throughout the day and wasting energy. Since your system will run less frequently, this may also decrease age-related wear and tear.

  • Adjusting the temperature too often: Maintaining set points for eight hours each day will maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system. If you’re constantly adjusting the temperature, your system is overworked. Choose a comfortable set point that you can keep for long periods. You should ideally program your weekly and daily temperature changes once and refrain from making one-time changes throughout the day.
  • Overworking the thermostat: To reiterate what we said earlier, leaving your thermostat on for the entire twenty-four-hour period is not suggested to leave your thermostat on for the entire twenty-four-hour period. It has previously been reported that such practices can seriously impair the workplace conditions of thermostat systems, if not destroy them. Instead, the best thing to do is to turn off the system for at least one hour each day.

Turning the thermostat on and off: Another common error is turning your unit off completely during the day to save energy. This can result in poor indoor air quality and greater humidity levels for Floridians.

Much of the particles and allergens in the air are removed by your climate control unit. It also aids in the control of high humidity. If you leave it off, your home may become uncomfortably warm.


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