19 Common Furnace Related Problems And Solutions

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19 Common Furnace Related Problems And Solutions

Furnace maintenance ensures that the HVAC system is running as efficiently as possible. When the technician visits, they inspect and clean the components of the HVAC system. When the furnace parts are thoroughly inspected and cleaned, they help run the furnace more efficiently. Heating Services and heat pump repair in The Villages, FL are top-rated services.

19 Common Furnace Related Problems And Solutions

  • The Thermostat is Not Working.

We should make sure the thermostat is not working correctly if the fan is constantly on. This will cause the thermostat to run out of battery, and the furnace will work inefficiently. Instead, we should check it by setting the fan to auto and seeing if it runs continuously in all the heating settings.

  • Dirty and Stuck Filter

A dirty or stuck filter can reduce the need for the furnace to work, reducing its effectiveness. This could potentially damage the limit switch. We should make sure that the filters are replaced once every quarter to ensure optimal performance.

  • Pilot Light of Flashing, Weak or Strange Colors

The pilot lighting is essential for the furnace to work properly. If we notice that it is flashing or yellow, it may mean that the gas furnace contains excess carbon monoxide. Therefore, we need to call the local furnace technician for any changes to the pilot lights.

  • Cracked Heat Exchanger

Unfortunately, this is a costly issue. Unfortunately, the heat exchanger can burst if we overheat the home or if we do not replace the air filter. If the heat goes out, we have to call a furnace technician to diagnose the problem. This usually requires a change in the heat exchanger.

  • Defective or Frayed Blower Belt

The blower belt is a part of a motor that helps drive your furnace fan. Unfortunately, these will occasionally start a fight or break. The sound of a high-pitched shout can often notice this. 

  •  Frequent and Extra Cycling

If the furnace is turned on often, often when it ends a cycle, we may have a stuck filter, improper airflow, or the furnace running too high or too low. Having a frequent cycling furnace will result in higher electricity bills.

  •  Limit Switch Error

If the limit switch does not work correctly, we will notice that the furnace is constantly blowing, even when it should not. Unfortunately, it requires a professional technician to replace it.

  • The Furnace Is Not Blowing Air.

Some problems may be the cause of this problem. First, ensure your blower is not stuck by making sure your blower is clean from any debris. Next, we have to check if our blower has a flashing light. If it turns red, we will probably need to call a technician to repair the problem.

  • Wear Out Ball Bearings

The ball bearings in the furnace help the motor to function correctly. Unfortunately, over time, they can get tired and need replacement. If we hear a scraping sound from the furnace, we should turn it off immediately and bring in a repair specialist.

  • A furnace is Not Producing Heat.

If your furnace does not work, we should first check the furnace door safety switch. The door must be on to activate the switch and run the furnace.

  • Check The Burner Flames.

Then the burner is probably clean. If they are yellow, we probably have a dirty burner. We can clean our burner with a vacuum cleaner; be sure to turn off the power and gas first. Another area we can clean with a vacuum cleaner is the area around the blower. Dust can accumulate in summer.

  • Safety Switch

If the furnace does not work, we should first check the furnace door safety switch. The door must be on to activate the switch and run the furnace.

  • Heating Rapid Cycling Problems

In the case of a furnace is turned on and off again very quickly, many factors exist. As always, the first can be a dirty or worn air filter. Suppose we haven’t replaced it in very recent memory. Then, it’s a quick and easy solution. We have the solution of all HVAC related – problems and also provide all Heating Services in The Villages.

  • The Gas Furnace Blower Runs Continuously.

The blower is located between the return duct and the furnace. The cooling air is sent to the heat exchanger by the blower and warmed before entering the plenum and then sent to the home through the supply duct. A constantly running furnace that does not shut down may be a sign of a necessary repair. In addition, we need to make sure the thermostat is not set to “constant fan.”

  • Noisy Furnace

Noise, shouting, and commotion are not typical. Instead, the words may indicate a mechanical problem, reduced airflow, or a stuck burner. Sometimes a furnace can run fine but loudly. If we can say that the sound results from airflow through the tube well, then a solution might be to insulate our tubewell to reduce the noise.

  • Inspect Gas Line

When standing in the furnace, we should follow the gas line. It may be off, or the switch may be off. It is essential to check that your hot water tank is working. If not, it could be a problem with the gas supply to the home. The gas line should be set to “open.” Also, if the furnace has a pilot light, check if it is on. Sometimes, in the off-season, a pilot light may go out.

  • Smelling Gas

If we suspect a gas leak and the stench is severe, we should leave your home immediately and contact the gas utility company. A gas leak will affect the functioning of the gas reactor. But more importantly, it can be a severe health risk for our family and us.

  • Age Of The Furnace

Furnaces have been designed and built over many years, but none of them last forever. We may not receive all the heating productivity we are paying for if the specific heating unit reaches or exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty period. 

  • The Flame Sensor Needs Cleaning.

Flame sensors are an essential safety feature of gas heating equipment. The flame sensor protects the furnace against unsafe burning of fuel, and a dirty flame sensor can cause the furnace to malfunction. 

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