10 Most Common HVAC Problems

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10 Most Common HVAC Problems

HVAC refers to the different heating and cooling systems used to improve indoor air quality, control humidity levels, and provide comfort for you. If you have an HVAC system at home or are just curious to understand how it works, then it becomes vital for you to know about the most common problems with HVAC systems. 

10 Most Common HVAC Problems:

Following is a list of ten most commonly reported issues with HVAC systems that you can refer to:  

Lack of Maintenance:

Maintenance is food for your heating and cooling systems as it increases their efficiency in the long run. Regular maintenance is the key to ensure that your HVAC systems stay effective even when they’re in constant use. On the other hand, neglecting or skipping this step would mean that these systems are overworking, and so it can cause serious harm to these systems. Thus, it would help if you never skipped regular servicing of your HVACs. 

Dirty Filters:

Filters of your furnace can easily get dirty and clogged from time to time, so you must regularly change them. Regular cleaning or changing of the filters can save your furnace from overheating and rigorous working. Dirty filters can even cause your HVAC system to freeze. You can try passing light through your furnace filters to identify whether they need to be changed. 

Thermostat Impairment:

Thermostats are responsible for controlling functions of on or off and regulating temperatures. It is quite common for users to ignore their thermostat settings before fixing a meeting with an expert when it is not required. So before you call a technician, make sure that your HVAC’s thermostat is on and fixed in the right setting. Additionally, programmable thermostats have limited battery life, and thus they need to be changed regularly. 

Water Leaks:

Water leaks are a common concern in HVAC systems. The reason may be clogged drain pipes or maybe some issues in condensation. Your furnace may also leak due to a fault in the collector pan or heat exchanger. You can pour bleach down the drain pipes to clean them regularly. There might be some other causes leaking in your furnace for which an experienced technician would require a thorough examination. 

Dirty Condenser & Evaporator Coils:

Since condenser coils and some evaporator coils are located on your system’s outer side, they are more prone to dirt and debris. So, they need to get cleaned quite regularly. You can clean the condenser coil with a water hose but make sure that you turn off your furnace first. If the dirt and debris are hard to get rid of, then you shall call an expert HVAC service provider to get it cleaned with chemical water. 

Blown Fuses:

Fuses in your furnace protect it against overheating. These are usually found in the evaporator coils. In any reports of motor malfunction, the fuse is checked first by the technicians. The blown or tripped fuse, however, may be a result of overworking due to dirty filters or dirty coils in your furnace. A wise decision here is to not engage in risky experimenting and call an expert technician right away. 

Pilot or Ignition Problems:

If you find that your furnace is taking longer than usual to ignite or is not igniting at all, then it may be the result of a dirty pilot or a problem in the gas supply. Other reasons may also include some general wear and tear problems with your ignition component, which would need to be replaced by a technician. In case of ignition problems with your furnace, it is best to rely on a certified service provider as they require relevant skills and safety knowledge. 

Continuous Running of Blower:

The blower in your furnace may run continuously if you’ve set the fan switch to ON. The switch should be set on AUTO, and so it should not be ON. After this step, you can turn the thermostat to a temperature lower than your room’s current temperature. It is best to wait for 2-3 minutes and then turn the furnace on. If the problem persists, then your furnace fan limit switch may be faulty, and so it requires replacement. However, issues with the thermostat wiring might also cause your furnace fan to run continuously. Thus, in such a situation, calling an expert technician can save you from confusion.  

Strange Furnace Noises:

It is important to pay attention to the noises that your furnace is making, as they can indicate the potential problem with the system. Your furnace may make certain strange noises when it starts, runs, or shuts down. These noises can be grinding, scraping, hammering, rumbling, squealing, and so on. While each noise may be an indication of a specific dysfunction, it is best advised to call a technician if these noises do not stop upon cleaning the ducts or coils of your HVAC system.

Mechanical Wear & Tear:

From belts, coils, and bearings, your furnace system relies on many mechanical components that require regular maintenance. These components get affected by the constant use of your furnace, and thus, it becomes necessary for you to regularly clean and oil these parts to ensure that they are in good condition. Additionally, you should also keep a check on any worn-out or stretched belts in your HVAC system to get them replaced by the technician accordingly. You need to maintain your systems to prevent them from overworking or malfunctions.

In addition to the HVAC-related issues mentioned above, you may also want to keep a check if the capacitors and gas valves are working properly. This is because burnt-out capacitors and corroded valves can pressure your HVAC system, which can seriously damage its functioning.  

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